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Description : C:\Users\Utilisateur\Desktop\Dossiers\le papillon source\00000000000000000000000000 EL4DEV LE PAPILLON SOURCE NEW INFOGRAPHICS\000 Action Plan Paul Elvere DELSART\Paul Elvere DELSART's action plan_fichiers\image002.jpg


The largest Live Action Role-Playing Game in the world!

(With an infinite number of international participants – Playing on the internet and during events in your town/region/country around the world)


A highly experiential and consciousness-transforming game in which the players act as reformers of all structures and codes of society

A strategy game emphasizing collaboration and collective creation


The birth and development of a powerful societal empire integrating all the nations of the East, West, North and South

Collectively build a new just, balanced and prosperous civilization!


The context

We all easily see the clear signs of the collapse of our civilization. The turbulence linked to the transition from the current era to the next, however, seems useful in raising awareness among the world population. It is time for humanity to rethink reform and plant the seeds of radical change that will allow us to evolve into a different situation.

It is time for a new actor-facilitator to embody the collective destiny of peoples and become the main level for building social cohesion, redistribution and solidarity. The goal is then to establish a new philosophical tradition and then to model and strengthen the progressive construction of an ethical international community.

Have you ever wondered

-       How to enable massive cooperation across the world?

-       How to establish peace within and between nations?

-       How to get most people, all generations combined, to co-build a new world?


The solution: why not a very original Role-Playing game?

-       Through a Live Action Role-Playing Game (LARP) in Alternate Reality (ARG: interactive online narrative that leverages the real world as a platform and uses transmedia narration to deliver a story) to change the world order


How it works?

1 – I give you the objective to achieve:

-       You are responsible for the development of the "Green Empire of the East and the West" (a new highly metaphysician, enterprising and reforming societal empire aimed at creating a new golden age, notably by terraforming the earth and transforming it into a forest planet). This empire also bears the name “The EL4DEV Confederation” (it acts as an ethical supranational entity effectively replacing all current intergovernmental organizations)


2 - I explain to you the overall process for building the Empire:

-       This is the international participatory program for societal change and multidisciplinary engineering mechanism called “EL4DEV” - See the links at the bottom of the page


3 - I provide you with the characteristics (technical specifications) of the elements allowing the gathering of players throughout the world (You will need to develop these elements):


-       These are agroclimatic, self-managed, tourist, educational and experimental infrastructures labeled “Le Papillon Source” including their key climatic generator modules) called “The vegetal calderas” (these are the infrastructures of the Empire) - See the links at bottom of page


4 - I provide you with the characteristics (technical specifications) of the mechanisms allowing cooperation between people and between nations around the world (You will need to get involved in these mechanisms):

-       Mechanism 1: the process of intermunicipal cooperation, revitalization and opening up of territories then creation of Political-Societal Unions (promoting the concept of “EL4DEV Societal Diplomacy” named “The Municipalities Counter-AttackSee the links at the bottom of the page

-       Mechanism 2: the process of cooperation between people around the world (national and transnational cooperation events – online and offline) named “Transnational Intellectual Cooperation Initiatives” and “Transnational Artistic Cooperation InitiativesSee links at bottom of the page


5 - I develop and provide you with numerous specific and interconnected IT tools to facilitate your local, regional, national and international actions:

-       The EL4DEV Information System (numerous tools and interconnected IT web platforms) See the links at the bottom of the page

-       EL4DEV Web TV and EL4DEV Studios (launch of a multilingual digital TV channel with international reach) See the links at the bottom of the page


6 - I provide the rules of the game and a transmedia scenario:

-       Books from EL4DEV editions + numerous publications (texts, PDFs, illustrations, infographics and videos) on the internet (present on websites, blogs and social networks) + international press articles already published and to come See the links at the bottom of the page



7 - You are thus the real players in the game and the masters of our common destiny:


-       You each play your own character in your own country, in your own town (no need for an avatar, you are the avatar) all in a universe on the border between fiction and reality (principle of Alternate Reality).

-       You are the driving force behind the new transnational cultural, intellectual, artistic and spiritual movement called “EL4DEV Second Renaissance MovementSee the links at the bottom of the page

-       You have the power to modify your respective environments. Together you have the power to change the world!


8 - I, Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART, have been a key character in the game since the beginning and also act as game master:

-       I am the organizer: I conceptualized and designed the game, developed the game universe, wrote the storyboard and will continually broadcast the storytelling to you

-       I am the guarantor of the objective to be achieved (role of the game master)

-       My role/character in the game: The founder of the Empire / Confederation, the Green Emperor of the East and the West aka Henry Harper See links at the bottom of the page

-       Your roles/characters in the game: Empire Builders, Heads of city-states, Governors/Ambassadors of nations (Philosopher-Kings) and Members of circles of sages (advise Heads of city-states, Governors of nations and the Emperor)


Keywords relating to game genre

-       Roleplay

-       LARP: Live Action Role Playing

-       ARG: Alternate Reality Game

-       Empire building game

-       Civilization building game

-       Infrastructure and city construction game

-       Political and geopolitical simulation game

-       Government simulation game

-       Massively multiplayer real-time strategy games

-       Educational game

Keywords relating to the game world

-       Cathar Movement

-       Knights Templar and Commanderies

-       Star Wars and Jedi Knights

-       Terraforming,

-       Climate Engineering and Geoengineering

-       Forest planet and forest governance

-       Fantasy Realms and Alternate Worlds

-       Monarchies and Empires

-       Philosopher-King, Chivalric Order and Circles of sages

-       Political philosophy and Utopia

-       Plato and Socrates

-       National cohesion, social peace and diplomacy

-       Ethics, Social Justice, Equity and Solidarity

-       Empowerment of people and Empowerment of nations

-       Fantasy Architecture, Ancient Architecture, Lunar Architecture, and Modular Architecture

-       Geobiology and Shape Waves

-       Ideal cities, Plant cities, Self-managed cities, City-states

-       Golden Age and Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

-       Metaphysics, Spirituality and theology


No registration required – The game is accessible to all and Free!

To join our community of players, it’s very simple:

1 - First discover the world of the Empire online

2 - Then access the organizer's storytelling (storytelling or narrative hook) also online

Who is henry-harper

3 – Finally, order as quickly as possible the Empire / Confederation books: game’s rules books (additional information), books for the impregnation of the universe (fictional narrative) and books for applied foreign languages (for contextual situations in the frame of this international game’s progress)!

4 – Finally, share the information as much as possible with all your loved ones (by email, SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Signal, Discord, Skype and also on all social networks)!

3 major stages are necessary for the complete development of the game. You will be continually informed of the actions carried out and to be carried out. You will gradually have access to concept art (digital illustrations) and additional information. You will participate in international cooperation events to design and build the infrastructure of the Empire/Confederation.


5 - To do this, don’t forget to follow the EL4DEV News Feed.




EL4DEV - The Age of Collaboration


The Grand White Paper of the Think and Do Tank LE PAPILLON SOURCE EL4DEV, a new Intellectual Start-up and Social Innovation Lab with international action and concrete action plans.

A 117-page book, 100% FREE to view and/or download online (no forms, no email request).

A Mechanism of National Cohesion for a Profound Transformation of Individuals, Communes/Municipalities, and Nations.

Fundamental Principles of a Concrete Solution to Societal Challenges.


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"Welcome to a fascinating journey through the revolutionary initiatives of the Think and Do Tank LE PAPILLON SOURCE EL4DEV. This book, a compilation of information sheets, aims to be an instructive and indispensable guide for anyone wishing to understand and participate in the profound transformation of our world. Through social and environmental innovation, we invite you to discover how we can, together, reshape our societies for a better future."


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Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART

Founder, chief engineer and director of the participatory and socio-political multidisciplinary engineering program "EL4DEV"

Founder, chief engineer and director of the sub-program of interconnected tourist towns and agro-climatic eco-landscape structures "LE PAPILLON SOURCE"

Founder, chief engineer and director of the decentralized inter-municipal cooperation sub-program "THE MUNICIPALITIES COUNTER-ATTACK"

Founder and chief engineer of vertical eco-landscaped structures that generate humidity and microclimates called "THE GREEN / VEGETAL / PLANT CALDERAS"

Founder of the concept of "SOCIETAL DIPLOMACY"

Founder of the “Second Renaissance movement EL4DEV

Designer of the EL4DEV Information System and the EL4DEV Strategic Deployment Tool

Founder and president of the French non-profit organization named "LE PAPILLON SOURCE EL4DEV" (Think tank)

Designer of the universe of the EL4DEV Confederation otherwise called the Green Empire of the East and the West

Publisher of literary works based on the universe of the EL4DEV Confederation otherwise called the Green Empire of the East and the West


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